Famous Musicians Who Gamble

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Gambling among musicians and singers has been gaining popularity all over the globe. In some instances, a number of prominent singers are known for their prowess in playing a wide range of table or slots games such as the one available online at Yukon Gold Casino or even Captain Cooks. More information about these casinos are available at onlinecasinoreviewscanada.com. These singers are known for their game of poker as much as they are known for their outstanding performance on stage, whenever they sing.

Read on to discover some of the famous musicians, who are true gamblers, and cannot resist spinning the reels from time to time. Here below is the list of the famous singers who gamble

Scott Ian
Scott Ian is another icon who used to play poker games as he tours the US in bus in the 80s. As you read this post, Scott Ian, Anthrax guitarist is regarded as one of the popular poker singers around today. He started his poker journey after winning a charity poker competition, and as a result, he secured himself a position in Aruba Poker Classic. While at Poker Classic, he met Phil Hellmuth, who is considered the world’s best poker player. Phil taught Ian much about poker games, therefore shaping him to be the icon he is today.

Harry Styles
You must have heard much about Harry Styles, since he one of the most well-known pop stars who can move the crowd every time he sings. Apart from being a pop star, Harry Styles is a big fan of roulette. If you are a fan of roulette like Harry Styles, you should check timetobet and get started with online roulette. Moreover, he has tattooed his lucky number 17 on his chest to signify how devoted he is as a huge fan of casino games. In fact, the star has been reported to have made some substantial losses as well as wins.

Macy Gray
In 90s, Macy Gray won a Grammy Award pop sensation. On the other hand, the popular singer has lots of love for table games. During one of the interviews, she confessed her undying love of both poker and blackjack. The singer is also claimed to have won about $28,000, while playing blackjack in a single night.

Nelly is a musician with a wonderful voice, but at the poker games he is simply methodical, as well as calculative. He has taken part in a series of poker circuits
across the globe. For instance, he was among the poker players who travelled to Monte Carlo to play live poker. In most of these games, Nelly has made some great hits.

Gladys Knight
If you are an enthusiast of soul, you must have heard Gladys’ powerful voice while she sings. Despite her being an empress of soul, Gladys was a celebrated gambler.
In her book, Between Each Line and Glory, she narrates her story when she was struggling with gambling addiction for a period of 10 years. In fact, her love for
gambling almost ruined her career and her future life. The good news is she overcame game addiction, and she is leading a normal life.

Finally, the legendary bassist Lemmy was a top-notch musician and a gambler. According to Dave Vanian, Lemmy was a big fan of slot games. He is reported
that he liked playing slot machines with a glass of whisky as well as coke in one hand.

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